Přihlášené filmy


Režie: Bai Li

Short Synopsis In the winter in the northwest, Xiaodong, who likes football, was placed in the county youth basketball training team. Because of his personality, he tried to quit the basketball team. Long Synopsis In a small town in the northwest, Xiaodong, who likes to play football, was sent to the basketball training team of his father’s students by the basketball coach. His father was seriously ill. He hoped that Xiaodong could train basketball well. He is withdrawn, does not like basketball, and has a delicate relationship with his parents. He is the isolated one on the basketball team. He tried his best to leave the basketball team. As the training team slowly came to an end, and his father’s condition worsened, Xiaodong also thought of one. The method of no longer training, after a heavy snowfall, Xiaodong started his plan, followed by the news of his father’s death, the snow is still falling, how should Xiaodong choose.

basketball / China / délka 0:15:39

Botafogo – Full Access

Režie: AB Ferraz, Flavio Winter

WATCH THE FULL SERIES – https://player.vimeo.com/video/manage/folders/8855476 Botafogo is one of the most traditional clubs in Brazilian soccer, where the legendary Mané Garrincha played. After two relegations to the second division, the first in 2002 and the second in 2014, the third drop from the top division of national soccer happened in 2020, which was the most serious of all three, because of the club’s billionaire debt. How would Botafogo get back on its feet in 2021 with so many internal and external financial, political and administrative problems? A new board of directors drew up new plans to try and revive the club. The documentary series, divided into 8 episodes of approximately 35 minutes, shows the behind the scenes of Botafogo’s reconstruction with rare and exclusive footage of intimate moments of the president, the CEO, the director of soccer, and the players in the locker room, in training and in games. Over one thousand hours of recorded content, from meetings of the board of directors, the dismissal of a coach, the invasion of fans, to the results on the field. The day to day life of a great Brazilian club seen in the most real and human way possible. How does the human being behave in situations of pressure, fights, joy, tears, euphoria, sadness, confusion, defeat and victory? At the end of the 2021 season, Botafogo was the champion of the second division and guaranteed its return to the elite of Brazilian soccer in 2022. A highlight on the third episode shows the backstage of the pressure that led to the dismissal of the team’s coach. That was the turning point in the club’s history in 2021.

Football (soccer) / Brazil / délka 1:00:00

Ambitious 220

Režie: Henry Terry, Marcus Brooks

The Ambitious 220 is a challenge set by Rapha in aid of the charity Ambitious About Autism. The event follows the 220 mile route between Manchester and London. In 2021, Rapha set the challenge worldwide, to ride a 220 mile route of your own choosing over a leisurely 48 hours, however, four friends from Manchester challenged themselves to complete the task in just 20.

Cycling / United Kingdom / délka 0:47:38

How to make f**kd up Movies

Režie: Biju Viswanath

An Indian filmmaker arrives in USA to make a movie about his friend Christopher Annino’s neurological disabilities . A global pandemic maroons the filmmaker in USA for five months. The filmmaker didn’t have much of a choice, but to keep filming with an ensemble cast of an Christopher’s friends which includes a scientist turned belly dancer, a wall building military veteran, neurotic clergyman, Mormon comedian, LGBTQ musicians, pro wrestlers, a porn star and Fulltime dreamers . The perfect recipe for a f##ked up movie. A genre bending movie, about, life movies ,whoopie cushions, nervous breakdowns and metaphysics; not necessarily in that order.

Weight lifting and wrestling / United States / délka 0:58:00

The Nomad Lines

Režie: Yannick Besançon

It is the meeting, 2 radically different generations and yet a unique adventure. Nothing predestined the meeting of Yannick and Tom but this winter will have created an incredible bond between them and their adventure in Kazakhstan in the spring will have been incredible. From the high snow-capped peaks of the Tian Shan to the steppes and desert of Kazakhstan, a unique odyssey in Central Asia. Skiing, encounters, memories, unique…

Ski / France / délka 0:12:37

Sobre Elas

Režie: Bruna Arcangelo

An immersion in different female alliances, portraying mutual support movements in which different women participate and strengthen the links and the support network, showing that female liberation is not individual, but collective.

Jiu Jitsu, Surfing and Skateboarding / Brazil / délka 0:14:07

Poslední závod

Režie: Tomáš Hodan

The drama The Last Race recounts the true story of ski race in 1913, when the Giant Mountain peaks became the backdrop to the dramatic events. By studying the historical records it has been possible to reconstruct the race almost minute by minute, though the exact details must remain forever a mystery.

Cross Country Skiing / Czech Republic

Basti – Teddy

Režie: Adam K. Kawałek

We present the figure of the immensely professional boxer Tadeusz “Teddy” Pietrzykowski, who has his conclusion, instead of at boxing competitions, he had to fight in German extermination camps. The animation about the championship of KL Auschwitz was produced by the Universe of a student of Adam Kawałek’s Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The picture combines elements of classic, manual work with the anomaly of stop-motion computer animation. The production is completed by Bastie’s rap manner from the album “Personal Material of Values” entitled “Teddy”. We invite you to rap, now I have this importance and task, but a tall man. “Poles have a great history and heroes that we must not forget, Incredibly, the Poles of the Germans poured in extermination camps! Tadeusz “Miś” Pietrzykowski! We will remember forever!

box / Poland / délka 0:03:55

The Transfiguration (The Jolly Fc Documentary)

Režie: Stewart Osazuwa

A voyage spanning two decades that tells the story of a group of people who were born in Nigeria but relocated to Russia for their tertiary education. The grand occurrence of the universe brings them together, and they go on to form a friendship. Upon their return to Nigeria, they initiate the formation of an all-star football club in the southern region of the country. This club goes on to become not only a center for soccer, but also a sanctuary in which positivity, brotherhood, and mutual support thrives.

Soccer / Nigeria / délka 0:46:53


Režie: michael q ceballos, cliff kapono

In 2021 surfing made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in the waters of Tsurigasaki Beach without a Hawai‘i Surf Team competing. If Duke Paoa Kahanamoku returned today, how would this Native Hawaiian Olympic swimming champion and Godfather of modern surfing feel about the absence of a Hawai‘i Surf Team at the 2020 Olympic Summer Games? MOHO asks this question through the lens of a young, kanaka maoli boy named ‘Apo when the ‘uhane (spirit) of Paoa returns to Waikīkī.

surfing / United States / délka 0:04:56

The Lofoten Islands Circumnavigation

Režie: Patrik Skovajsa

Adventure about dramatic mountains, open arctic ocean, sheltered bays, epic beaches, and untouched lands and wildlife discovery on sea kayaks. Epic artic paddle expedition of four paddlers from Latvia, Slovakia, and Germany.

sea kayak paddling / Slovakia / délka 0:14:44


Režie: Antonin Lechat

As a sport Kok-Boru unleashes passion and fantasy. In Kyrgyzstan, Madiar, a young boy dreams of following his father’s footstep to become a professional Kok-Boru player and to carry on his nomadic legacy.

Kok-Boru / France / délka 0:17:18

My name is Mifodzi

Režie: Myriam Etman

Overcoming the language barrier, two French trainers help a young Belarusian boxer who has come to France alone and is about to fight. Superando la barriera linguistica, due allenatori francesi aiutano un giovane pugile bielorusso che è arrivato in Francia da solo e si appresta a combattere. Superando la barrera del idioma, dos entrenadores franceses ayudan a un joven boxeador bielorruso que ha venido solo a Francia y está a punto de pelear.

Boxing / France / délka 0:07:46


Režie: Pavel Avilov, Roman Korzhuk

In our age of ever-evolving technologies, virtual reality games are seeping to almost every home. And as we know, on Christmas evening, miracles happen more often and surprisingly could become real for us . In such a festive evening our hero decided to have some fun with the VR game Beat Saber. This game provoked so many emotions and became a reality for him! How it could be end for him, or would it be just his imagination! Miracle is absolutely near!

Martial arts / Ukraine / délka 0:03:28

Pan Trenér

Režie: Radim Grzybek

The subject of the film is corruption. The film deals with a clash between two men, where one believes that he was falsely accused and tries to redeem himself from his act. The second must make a crucial decision under public pressure. One has discredited himself with his naivety, while the other should preach water correctly, but drink wine.

Ice Hockey / Czech Republic / délka 0:14:58

Doctor of the “Polish Eagles”/Doktór Polskich Orłów

Režie: Małgorzata Szyszka

Doctor of the “Polish Eagles” The film tells about the work of doctor Janusz Garlicki of the Polish national football team, which won, among others, the Olympic gold medal during the time of coach Kazimierz Górski. All devoted fans of Polish football know well that Janusz Garlicki is one of the best Polish orthopedists who, as a sports doctor, participated in all the greatest successes of the Polish national team. It is worth noting, however, that after the end of this activity, he continued his professional career as the director of the Central Sports and Medical Clinic, a doctor at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine and the director of the Capital Rehabilitation Center in Konstancin. Dr. Garlicki’s memories are a mine of knowledge, anecdotes and private stories from the life of the Polish national football team under the direction of Kazimierz Górski and other great coaches. As a doctor, he was at the Olympics in Munich, he treated the players during the legendary match at Wembley – he is part of the legend of Polish football, which still delights and moves today.

football / Poland / délka 0:43:23

Five Finals

Režie: Pavel Cherepin

The story of Ukrainian National football team fighting for World Cup qualifiers 2022. Complete fail in first matches and final success in the very last decisive moment. Unique access to the internal life of the main football team of the country.

Football / Ukraine / délka 1:30:00

Finish Line

Režie: Artur Araújo

Carlos and Givaldo are parathletes Northeast of Brazil who fight daily, inside and outside the sport, to stand out. They tell how the journey to the most popular marathon in Brazil is going.

parathletics / Brazil / délka 0:13:42

Un Ballon – A Street Football Film


“Once you have a football, you don’t need anything else” Bastien Héry

yes / United Kingdom / délka 0:03:00


Režie: Gollé kamissoko

Oualy tells us his thoughts through a slam built by the silence of words.

Bike / France / délka 0:02:50


Režie: David Ondříček

Autumn 1968, the Australian running record holder Ron Clarke is coming to Prague, hoping that his old friend and role model, Emil Zátopek, the most famous Czech athlete of all time, will help him overcome the biggest crisis of his career.

Running / Czech Republic


Nagano Tapes

Režie: Ondřej Hudeček

The film also shows life in the Giant Mountains at the beginning of the century amid the poverty and grinding hardship of the local community, and in particular it highlights relations between the native Czech and German populations. Watch here: https://olympics.com/en/films/watch/the-nagano-tapes-five-rings-films

Ice Hockey / USA / Czech Republic / Canada



Début 2022, on a suivi Lälli, combattante Taekwondo qui évolue au haut niveau. Notre volonté était, dans un 1er temps, de la suivre dans son quotidien de sportive à La Réunion. Et finalement, on est parti jusqu’à la suivre jusqu’à sa participation au Championnat de France de 2022, à Lyon.

Taekwondo / Réunion / délka 0:12:21

Falling Free

Režie: Jakub Wittchen

Falling Free is a film about space, freedom and movement. About the beauty of being in water and being water.

Freediving / Poland / délka 0:03:30

Ox Fiesta


The tradition of ox fighting in Nepal is one of the country’s oldest traditions, which can even be traced back to more than 1500 years. The villagers of Chandani village, in Taruka Region of Nuwakot district, Central Nepal, still passionately organize and follow the ox fights. The Taruka Ox fights 2022 were organized amidst the third wave of covid-19 in Nepal and was canceled by the authorities touting safety issues. This is a story of how the villagers came together to organize the program without government support and endorsement, showing the role and importance of cultural ties in improving social harmony. This documentary further explores the common history and incidents associated with the Taruka / Chandani ox fights held during the First of Magh Festival. The daily life of ox owners, their sentiments towards their oxen, and the rules of the ox fights are also expounded upon. This documentary is intended as a window into how inherited customs and traditions bind small rural communities.

Bull fighting / Nepal / délka 0:28:49


Režie: Yaser Kahmsi, Mercedeh Fallahnezhad (Ms.)

Dreams and efforts of an Iranian girl for championship.

women wrestling / Iran, Islamic Republic of / délka 0:29:00

Outdoor Fun_Lessons are over !

Režie: Vittorio Caratozzolo

Lessons are over: after two claustrophobic years, two 1st grade middle school classes can enjoy the last hours of the school year outdoor.

Outdoor activities / Italy / délka 0:05:44

Silence to silence

Režie: Daniele Gangemi

The contrasts of a couple are metaphorically represented by a duel of fencing, the so-called love skirmishes. Only at the end will the dispute end and reveal the faces of the two protagonists.

Fencing / Italy / délka 0:04:13

The Locker Room

Režie: Noah Gaoua

Sabrina is the coach of the soccer men’s team at Aubervilliers, Seine Saint-Denis, France. The club plays a decisive game and its star striker is not in good shape. Worse, the police burst into the middle of the match to arrest him. Sabrina ‘s nerves will be put to high stress-test.

soccer / France / délka 0:10:22

Plná 6

Režie: Adam Sejk

Kamil Holán is currently one of the best Czech motorcycle racers on natural circuits. Although his material capabilities and background are far from the level of the world’s factory riders, he is able to compete with them on the world’s toughest roadracing tracks such as the Isle of Man. This unique documentary tells the story of a man from an ordinary background who has fallen for the passion of speed and made it his life. Flat six marks the moment when a motorcycle reaches its limit and goes into sixth gear at top speed. Does it mean success to get on a motorcycle and go all out? A look into the everyday life of an extreme racer reveals the power of unexpected conditions of success. Can we understand what a top athlete gains by putting his life on the line and what pushing the limits requires and leads to?

Motorsport / Czech Republic


Režie: Rodrigo Torrijos

A girl colors a concrete neighborhood and invokes the memory of her ancestors and the victims of a violent regime.

iy hapens on dance over a soccer field / Colombia / délka 0:03:02

Capoeira – The Story Of A Culture

Režie: Mert Topuz

Capoeira is a Brazilian and African martial art. But Capoeira is more than that, it’s a broad culture. Every movement has a meaning in this martial art, which is performed in a circle with its own instruments. People mutually keep the elements of a 400-year-old culture alive. Filmed in Turkey, this documentary highlights the importance of intercultural vitality.

Capoeira / Turkey / délka 0:16:02

Talk To The Bridge

Režie: Meysam Khaledian

A young man crosses a bridge. But a different passage.

A kind of personal sport (similar to parkour) / Iran, Islamic Republic of / délka 0:04:25


Režie: Mohammadreza Ganjkhanlou

Amir, a 13-year-old villager who loves football and wears spectacles, asks his parents for money to participate in a football test in the city, but their financial position prevents them from agreeing to his request. But when he secretly sees a sum of money with his parents, he steals it and goes to the football field for the test. However, he is not accepted due to his visual condition, and upon returning home, he discovers that the money he stole was intended for his eye surgery.

soccer / Iran, Islamic Republic of / délka 0:14:25

Deep Distance

Režie: Gilles Weinzaepflen

Jean-Marie Rouault is an athlete specializing in long-distance walking. He’s preparing for the Paris-Alsace, the oldest and the most important event in the discipline, 450 km of non-stop walking. As he nears retirement, he looks back on his childhood : when was his insatiable desire to win born?

Long distance walking / France / délka 0:52:35


Režie: Anthony Pieck

Sid lost contact with his father due to a major disagreement that is magnified by the family’s religious beliefs. Fortunately, he can always count and fall back on his friends. They accept him the way he is. Sid goes to great lengths to prove he’s confident in his choice and won’t back down to anyone or anything.

Fitness / Belgium / délka 0:09:29

Never Ask Why

Režie: Saurabh Dubey

The unfulfilled dream of a young football fan became the catalyst to help achieve the dreams of talented young under-15 football / soccer players who come from very underprivileged and under-nourished families, struggling to meet their daily needs. ‘Never Ask Why’ is the journey of Jishnu Mitra and how his dreams have provided hope to over 250 children in Delhi and Kolkata, India. It is the story of the 1st year of the Jishnu Mitra Foundation, where the children played under the banner of ‘Dream Team’ in the U-15 Delhi Youth League. This short docu-drama explores the impact of football foundations in the sporting ecosystem in India. While exploring the themes of ambition, failure, the spirit of life, and love for ‘the beautiful game’ of football, the film is a celebration of hope, the display of true human spirit and grit that brings strangers together for a larger cause. The children did not win the league but they won the hearts and minds of everyone with their playing style and passion for the beautiful game. ‘Never Ask Why’ is a maiden passion project from the start-up production house ‘Eating Potatoes’. The film is directed by Saurabh Dubey, the Co-founder of Eating Potatoes, who is also an acclaimed musician, rapper and lyricist.

Football / India / délka 0:19:40

No One Can Take It From Me

Režie: Emily A.M Bissland

It’s Jim’s morning swim. 120 minutes to get him in the ocean for a 3 minute dip. This film accompanies Jim Pevitt, an adventurous spirit caged in a body ravaged by multiple sclerosis, on his morning swim, which he can only do with the help of volunteers. Meanwhile, we hear a story of adventure; one of Jim’s surfing expeditions from a time before MS. A true story written by Jim Pevitt and read by fellow Port Fairy surfer Hamish Ebery. Evocative, layered imagery combined with sparse story-telling invites us into Jim’s inner world. This film shows us that adventurous hearts never stop rattling their cage.

Surfing / Australia / délka 0:12:42

Not far out

Režie: Beran Ergün

For his training, an extreme swimmer goes to the sea at dawn. On this day the waves are very rough, and the man has problems to keep his head above the water. In what will probably be his last moments he makes an unexpected discovery.

Swimming / Germany / délka 0:11:46

Jan Koller: Příběh obyčejného kluka

Režie: Petr Větrovský

Příběh Jana Kollera se řadí mezi světový unikát. Spousty prestižních zahraničních serverů se mu v minulosti věnovalo a shodli se na tom, že story “Českého Honzy“ je skutečnou pohádkou, která je asi už navždy nenapodobitelná. Sympatický obr totiž celé dětství, mládí a začátek plnoletosti nastupoval za amatérské kluby na vesnické úrovni. Nejčastěji pak za Smetanovu Lhotu v Jižních Čechách. Nikdo by si tenkrát ani v tom nejodvážnějším snu nedovedl asi představit, že z kluka, který dává góly ve vísce o 300 obyvatelích, bude jednou postrach všech fotbalových obran a brankářů. Honza se shodou náhod dokázal dostat do rezervního mužstva tehdejší Sparty Praha, protože byl v Praze na brigádě a neměl kde trénovat. Přes rezervu se zanedlouho dokázal prokousat do kabiny prvního mužstva, kde se to jen hemžilo hvězdami a reprezentanty. Honza se dokázal prosadit do sestavy a vstřelit své první ligové góly. Bylo to něco neuvěřitelného. Když se mu angažmá ve Spartě přestávalo dařit, odešel do Belgického Lokerenu. I tam dokázal zlomit nepřízeň osudu a nakonec přestoupil do nejslavnějšího belgického a královského klubu Anderlecht Brusel. Zde vyhrál 2 tituly. Poté následovala Borussia Dortmund a titul v Bundeslize. Více než dvoumetrový obr se dokázal dostat až na vrchol. Střílel góly na mistrovství Evropy i světa a vyhrával tituly. Příběh Honzy Kollera není jen příběhem člověka, který to nevzdal i když mu nikdo nevěřil. Je to také příběh pro každého chlapce, který dnes hraje na vesnici fotbal. Příběh o tom, že pohádky se dějí a vždycky musí být motivace jít dál

Football / Czech Republic

Heavenly Trap

Režie: Tomáš Galásek

Ten days of hell, which went down in history of Himalayan climbing. Dramatic first ascent of Marek Holeček and Radoslav Groh up the West Face of Baruntse .

Alpine climbing / Czech Republic / délka 0:36:00


Režie: Janusz Lisiecki

A film about an unwavering passion for sport

judo, fencing, swimming / Poland / délka 0:05:45


Režie: Lefteris Pasalidis

Dimitris left Athens at the age of 35 to live in a quiet village, make surfboards, and find peace. Powered by Emerson.

Surfing, snowboarding, BMX / Greece / délka 0:14:44

The Papo Tapes

Režie: Gustavo Jander da Rocha

Only with archive footage, the film shows Juventude’s 1999 season, from the beginning of the year to the unforgettable conquest of the Copa do Brasil, where the small team beat great Brazilian football teams.

Football / Brazil / délka 0:37:26

Until The End

Režie: Ahmed Alkayal

A child’s love story for Zamalek football club, and his passion and interest in it, until he merges within the club’s fans in the stadium.

football / Egypt / délka 0:18:00


Režie: Arun Bhagath

EKALAIVAN is a film that Rewrites the historical epic story of ‘Ekalaivan’ from his point of view of justice ! Which the premise revolves round the modern day cricket. The politics happening in the sports forms the crux of the story.

Cricket / India / délka 0:30:00

The Flying English Tippler

Režie: Vedad Rušidović, Edin Džinović

The tippler is a breed of domestic pigeon bred to participate in endurance competitions. The film reveals training methods and introduces Edin Džinović, who has been breeding top performing tipplers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His tipplers continue to win competitions in this region.

Endurance competition of flying tipplers / Bosnia and Herzegovina / délka 0:55:00


Režie: Abdullah Şahin

Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, the refugee completes the gang. Ilyas wants to make the tryouts for a local football team and saves money to buy new cleats. Emir shares his ideal. After seeing his father pays the debts of Emir’s family at the grocery store, Ilyas gives his new cleats as a gift to Emir in order to join to the tryouts. However, his own cleats tear up just after. The shoemaker gives him a bigger cleats temporarily. The tryouts morning one of Ilyas’ cleats drops to the river. When Ilyas and Ahmet try to take it out, Emir surprises them with what he’s done.

Football / Turkey / délka 0:10:30

The wind in your hair

Režie: Kristína Turčanová

Gentle, sensitive or rough and rational ? A documentary film called Just the wind in your hair will reveal the stories of three woman who are on the way to their goals. Respondents will show us that a woman does not have to be defined as gentle or rough, but these qualities can complement each other and help them grow on their journey.

Climbing, triatlon, paragliding / Slovakia / délka 0:24:11


Režie: Belkis Bayrak

Cemile, an ambitious kickboxer, getting ready for the match which she believes in herself but not her emotions.

Kickbox / Turkey / délka 0:11:00

The Dream on the Griptape

Režie: Lise Pautonnier

Movie available online (with subtitles) : https://player.www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVRa1pENw8&t=1s Subtitles avaible : English, French and Spanish (.srt) Short synopsis : EN_ Two skateboarder girls spend the day filming tricks in the streets of Rio de Janeiro for a professional project. A police control is going to derail and will come to destroy they dreams. FR_Deux skateuses enchaînent les figures en se filmant dans les rues de Rio de Janeiro pour un projet professionnel. Un simple contrôle de police va déraper et viendra anéantir leurs rêves. Long synopsis : EN_Two skateboarder girls spend the day doing tricks in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Their new camera is their only chance to promote their talent, in the framework of a serious professional project, with the objective of obtaining sponsors, to be recognized and to be able to live and exist thanks to this common passion. A simple police control is going to derail and will come to destroy their dreams. FR_Deux jeunes skateuses enchaînent les figures dans les rues de Rio de Janeiro. Leur nouvelle caméra est leur seule chance de promouvoir leur talent, dans le cadre d’un projet professionnel sérieux, avec pour objectif d’obtenir des sponsors, d’être reconnues et de pouvoir vivre et exister grâce à cette passion commune. Un simple contrôle de police va déraper et viendra anéantir leurs rêves.

Skateboard / France / délka 0:03:45

Kayan wela makanche

Režie: Abdallah KADA

The film tells the story of a disabled man who needs a gas bottle to heat himself from the cold during the harsh winter, but his handicap prevents him from getting it amid the crowds when the truck loaded with gas flasks arrives . then he surprise by the radio broadcast news that his country exports gas to other countries.

Football / Algeria / délka 0:14:36


Režie: Abril Juan

The CACA F.C. is an emotional comedy documentary about a 50-year-old soccer team in Neuquén. It was founded in 1985 and the only award they have ever won is fair play, they rarely win a game and decide to play “their football” even if that means another defeat – as a result -; they criticize teams that believe that soccer involves winning and being successful. It is a comic documentary about the value of friendship and camaraderie and the crossovers that happen when not all members share the same values.

Footvall / Argentina / délka 0:12:10

Between Mountains and Mermaids

Režie: Bo Clausen

Surrounded by majestic landscapes, freediver Tolga Taskin plunges into the depths of the frozen lake Weissensee, in order to reach his goal of breaking a world record.

Freediving / Germany / délka 0:11:02

Learn to fly

Režie: Mateusz Golebiewski

In 2001 Adam Malysz wins the Four Hills Tournament. Ski jumping becomes a national sport in Poland. Millions of fans follow the competitions with bated breath. What remains today of the enthusiasm that gripped Poles twenty years ago? We try to answer this question in the film. We visit ZKN Sokół Zagórz, the only ski jumping club in the Podkarpacie region. We observe the training of young jumpers. What conditions do the competitors have, who know Adam Małysz’s career from their parents’ stories? How much work is required to prepare for the first jump in life? How much courage is needed to bounce off the starting gate? This seemingly dangerous sport is trained even by children just a few years old. Young sportsmen are able to overcome their fear of flying and enthusiastically devote themselves to their passion. But the obstacles appear elsewhere…

Ski jumping / Poland / délka 0:10:03