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Why do I need 10 Ferrary?

Režie: Konstantin Mosenkov

Savannah, small house, tall grass in front of the house, sunset Sadieu leaves the house, looking around so that no one will notice him at home, in his hands is a sports bag, he takes several steps towards the grass and a few more times looking around himself, hides a sports bag in tall grass. Then he walks a long path along the path between the houses towards sunset. After some time, he reaches another unprepossessing house where his best friend lives. Sadieu asks him for a few dollars on a bus ride to Dakar. He, having thought, gives him these 3 dollars. Morning, dawn, 6 a.m. The sun penetrates Sadier’s room. Sadieu wakes up, washed and runs to the bus stop. He gets on a bus and rides on the road to Dakar, he is a little scared and excited. Sadier gets off the bus and asks how to get to the football club. He finds this football club and the coach asks to immediately show on the field that he can already Stadium, Sadier, ball, feints with the ball The coach is satisfied and says to Sadieux: „Boy, we will take you to our team“ Sadieu’s parents found him and demanded that he return home before he graduated from high school. When, finally, this happened, the whole village collected money for him on the road to Dakar And finally, Sadieu was about to see the first full-fledged viewing, in which about 300 people participated The show began for Sadieux very badly: he was laughed at, because he did not look like a football player, Sadieu had very strange shorts, and his boots fell apart and were fastened with wire But, since Sadier already played very well then, he was taken to the team and this was the beginning of his football career After some time, Sadieux was invited to France to a famous club. Mom Sadieux did not even believe him when he called and said that he would now train in France. Mom: “What else is France? Where is it ??? You train in Senegal! Sadieux: „Mom, I’m still in Europe !! It’s true!!! Sadier talks about his family: in my family no one loved football. My mother chased me every time she saw me play It was hard for me because I felt a little lonely. I did not understand why I was not allowed to live a dream. Sometimes I came home with a friend because I knew they could beat me at home for not being in class I was hungry, I had to work in the field under the scorching sun. I was going through hard times, playing football barefoot. I did not have an education and many other things. But now, I earn enough money by football and I can help my people. (Liverpool) Now I am a striker of the famous English club. I meet people, go to a mosque and donate to charity  I built schools and a stadium. I provide people living in poverty with clothes, shoes, food. Every month I give 70 euros to each resident of one of the poorest areas of Senegal – the money goes to their family budget. Why should I want 10 Ferrari? Why do I need 20 hours with diamonds or 2 personal jets? What will these things do for me or for the world? Will the world and I be happier from this luxury? I suppose not. I do not need to flaunt expensive cars, mansions, travels and planes. I prefer that my people receive a piece of what life has given me.

Fotbal, délka 00:04:34, Bulgaria

Through the ropes

Režie: Grace Davis

Through the ropes looks at the life of professional British boxing champion Savannah Marshall and an insight to women’s boxing and the different and brilliant women behind it.

Box, délka 00:15:08, United Kingdom

This is Sambo for the Blind

Režie: Grigorii Kurdiaev

Several different guys. All about 30 years old. They live in different cities, have different jobs, and their personal life has developed differently. They had nothing in common, until the terrible diagnosis let them start another way of living. And each of them have become a member of a closed community, now there is nobody closer to them. And this kind of a sport is the Foundation of their new life. Our picture is dedicated to the Sambo of the blind, but it is not really about sports or martial arts. It is about how the will to win and self-belief gives us the strength to outgrow our problems and find our place in the sun even in thgrough the hardships. And the Sambo for our heroes is not only a combat in it’s original meaning, but also a combat over their physical illness and doubts, a combat for their personal freedom and happiness.

Martial Arts, délka 00:56:12, Russian Federation

The lonely navigator

Režie: Rodolfo Petriz

Four epic voyages carried out between 1931 and 1955, including the first circumnavigation vía Good Hope cape, Leeuwin Cape and Horn cape, elevated the Argentinian Vito Dumas as one of the largest lone navigators in history, raising it to the Olympus of the popular idols. But every hero also descends into hell. The envy of some and the hatred of others due to political reasons distorted his figure to turn Dumas into the „unmentionable“ of the Argentine nautical. Quattro epici incroci effettuati tra il 1931 e il 1955, tra cui la prima circumnavigazione che arrotondava Cape Horn, elevarono l’argentino Vito Dumas come uno dei più grandi marinai solitari della storia, portandolo all’Olimpo di idoli popolari. Ma ogni eroe scende anche all’inferno. L’invidia di alcuni e l’odio di altri tentarono di distorcere la sua figura fino a trasformare Dumas nell’innominabile della nautica argentina.

Plachtění, délka 01:48:00, Argentina


Režie: Marcel Sudholz

Bestare Kicaj, the Swiss Mixed Martial Arts fighter, faces prejudice in a male dominated world. Bestare dreams of one day, performing in the big league. For a fight in the US, she puts everything on the line. Her opponent is considered the favourite to win.

Martial Arts, délka 00:11:11, Switzerland


Režie: Marek Hýža, Aleš Nenička

Anotace: Příběhy dobrodruhů na jejich pouti přes bývalé Československo, kteří absolvovali na kole, koloběžce nebo i pěšky více než 1600 kilometrů dlouhý závod „1000 miles“ po vzoru jeho zakladatele, legendárního bikera Jana Kopky.

Běh, délka 0:50:00, CZ

Why do I need 10 Ferrari?

Režie: Konstantin Mosencov

This film is about a wonderful person who grew up in complete poverty, and now earns a lot of money and helps those people in their homeland to get out of this poverty and build stadiums, hospitals for them, provide food and clothing. And he is one of the few people who do not spend their money on an infinite number of cars, watches with diamonds, mansions and personal planes. He believes that the world and he himself does not become happier from all this luxury

Fotbal, délka 00:04:25, Argentina

The Return


Marginalised and forgotten after a dazzling career. Samir Khadar, a top athlete, decides to return to the circuit and competitions. This 1,500-metre Algerian world champion, unknown to the general public, wants to return on the circuit at 33 years and be amongst the best. A return full of audacity and courage in homage to those he loves.

Běh, délka 00:13:00, France

Pilsner Urquell ZOH 2018

Režie: Roland Wranik

Ve videu se soustředíme na příběh úspěšné sportovkyně, kterou stvárňuje rychlobruslařka Martina Sáblíková. Za dlouhou cestou za úspěchem českých olympioniků stojí vášeň, odhodlání a vytrvalost – a to jsou přesně ty hodnoty, které jsou důležité i pro lidi v Prazdroji.

Rychlobruslení, délka 0:01:10, CZ

Pilsner Urquell Pod ledem (Under the Ice)

Režie: Alexei Tylevich

Image TV Reklamy značky Radegast ve spojení s partnerstvím hokeje (Extraliga ledního hokeje) – příběh prezentující překonávání překážek (života), kterým se hrdina vždy postaví čelem ……paralela v podobě proražení ledu hokejistou do abstraktního světa a boje pod vodou.

Různé, délka 0:00:30, CZ

Pilsner Urquell Hrdý originál – Emil Zátopek

Režie: David Ondříček

Nová imageová kampaň Pilsner Urquell spojuje životní cestu úspěšného českého sportovce Emila Zátopka s hodnotami značky Pilsner Urquell. Obě tyto ikony mají společnou jednu věc — nikdy nesešly ze své jedinečné cesty a to z nich dělá Hrdý originál. Značka Pilsner Urquell je hrdá na to, že se v roce 1842 rozhodla vydat svou vlastní cestou, a dodnes dělá vše pro to, aby lidem po celém světě přinášela unikátní pivní zážitek.

Běh, délka 0:00:40, CZ


Režie: Vincenzo Agosto

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Basketball, délka 00:01:37, Italy

Not Without A Fight

Režie: Daniël Beckers

Xavier Köhlen became a European karate champion at a young age. He has won four national championship titles as a boxer. In the meantime, he also completed two university degrees. In this film we see his successes but also that the loss of his first boxing trainer and best friend, John Huiveneers, is still hard to accept.

Box, délka 00:22:08, Netherlands

Sono Cesare ma chiamatemi Mimmo /I’m Caesar but call me Mimmo

Režie: Orfeo Orlando

Cesare Alberti was born in San Giorgio di Piano on 30 August 1904. He made his debut in the first team of Bologna at just sixteen, becoming for everyone „Mimmo“ and immediately showing his talent. Centrating overwhelming, in three seasons he played 45 games in rossoblù, scoring 32 goals. Injured to his knee, he was the first player in Italy to undergo surgery to remove the meniscus, and in the 1924-25 season he returned to the field with the Genoa shirt. Cesare Alberti died suddenly on the night of March 14, 1926, at only twenty-one. Officially, for a viral infection after a seafood dinner. But on that premature end the years have spread the dust of mystery.

Fotbal, délka 00:43:00, Italy

Skautská pošta 1918 – Josef Rőssler-Ořovský

Režie: Pavel Hejnal

Každý týden navštěvují sourozenci Bára a Tomáš svého 116letého pradědečka (Pavel Zedníček), nadšeného skauta a výborného vypraveče i čtveráka. Díky jeho vyprávění a zápiskům ze Skautského deníku se všichni ve fantazii přesouvají do období vzniku Československa. V tomto dílu se děti poprvé dozvídají, že v roce 1918 existovala Skautská pošta a jak důležitou roli hrála při vzniku samostatného Československa! Kromě toho díky pradědečkovi poznávají Josefa Rősslera-Ořovského, který právě přivezl do Čech první lyže, a musejí si poradit s rozbitým skautským telegrafem. Myslíte, že se obývací pokoj nemůže změnit v zasněžený kopec? Nebo že se z něj nedá telegrafovat důležitá zpráva do Francie? Uvidíte, že fantazie nezná hranic!

Lyžování, délka 0:14:00, CZ

STOKE (Dedicated to Henry Schreiber)

Režie: Timm Schröder

STOKE is a movie about three Freeriders: Timm a 22 year old snowboarder and filmmaker who lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident, Manu: a Freeride professional who injured herself before the competition season on the Freeride World Tour and Alex, a dutch skier: who had to stop his life as a ski-bum living in a yellow caravan in the alps when covid-19 started. We are shown deep insights about each characters way of dealing with their recent losses, fears and risks, as they emerge into crazy group-powder-descents witnessing what they would later call the „time of their lifes“.

Freeriding, délka 00:25:00, Germany