Ox Fiesta

Bull fighting / Nepal / délka 0:28:49

The tradition of ox fighting in Nepal is one of the country’s oldest traditions, which can even be traced back to more than 1500 years. The villagers of Chandani village, in Taruka Region of Nuwakot district, Central Nepal, still passionately organize and follow the ox fights. The Taruka Ox fights 2022 were organized amidst the third wave of covid-19 in Nepal and was canceled by the authorities touting safety issues. This is a story of how the villagers came together to organize the program without government support and endorsement, showing the role and importance of cultural ties in improving social harmony. This documentary further explores the common history and incidents associated with the Taruka / Chandani ox fights held during the First of Magh Festival. The daily life of ox owners, their sentiments towards their oxen, and the rules of the ox fights are also expounded upon. This documentary is intended as a window into how inherited customs and traditions bind small rural communities.


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