Never Ask Why

Režie: Saurabh Dubey
Football / India / délka 0:19:40

The unfulfilled dream of a young football fan became the catalyst to help achieve the dreams of talented young under-15 football / soccer players who come from very underprivileged and under-nourished families, struggling to meet their daily needs. ‚Never Ask Why‘ is the journey of Jishnu Mitra and how his dreams have provided hope to over 250 children in Delhi and Kolkata, India. It is the story of the 1st year of the Jishnu Mitra Foundation, where the children played under the banner of ‚Dream Team‘ in the U-15 Delhi Youth League. This short docu-drama explores the impact of football foundations in the sporting ecosystem in India. While exploring the themes of ambition, failure, the spirit of life, and love for ‚the beautiful game‘ of football, the film is a celebration of hope, the display of true human spirit and grit that brings strangers together for a larger cause. The children did not win the league but they won the hearts and minds of everyone with their playing style and passion for the beautiful game. ‚Never Ask Why‘ is a maiden passion project from the start-up production house ‚Eating Potatoes‘. The film is directed by Saurabh Dubey, the Co-founder of Eating Potatoes, who is also an acclaimed musician, rapper and lyricist.


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