Learn to fly

Režie: Mateusz Golebiewski
Ski jumping / Poland / délka 0:10:03

In 2001 Adam Malysz wins the Four Hills Tournament. Ski jumping becomes a national sport in Poland. Millions of fans follow the competitions with bated breath. What remains today of the enthusiasm that gripped Poles twenty years ago? We try to answer this question in the film. We visit ZKN Sokół Zagórz, the only ski jumping club in the Podkarpacie region. We observe the training of young jumpers. What conditions do the competitors have, who know Adam Małysz’s career from their parents‘ stories? How much work is required to prepare for the first jump in life? How much courage is needed to bounce off the starting gate? This seemingly dangerous sport is trained even by children just a few years old. Young sportsmen are able to overcome their fear of flying and enthusiastically devote themselves to their passion. But the obstacles appear elsewhere…


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