Doctor of the „Polish Eagles“/Doktór Polskich Orłów

Režie: Małgorzata Szyszka
football / Poland / délka 0:43:23

Doctor of the „Polish Eagles“ The film tells about the work of doctor Janusz Garlicki of the Polish national football team, which won, among others, the Olympic gold medal during the time of coach Kazimierz Górski. All devoted fans of Polish football know well that Janusz Garlicki is one of the best Polish orthopedists who, as a sports doctor, participated in all the greatest successes of the Polish national team. It is worth noting, however, that after the end of this activity, he continued his professional career as the director of the Central Sports and Medical Clinic, a doctor at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine and the director of the Capital Rehabilitation Center in Konstancin. Dr. Garlicki’s memories are a mine of knowledge, anecdotes and private stories from the life of the Polish national football team under the direction of Kazimierz Górski and other great coaches. As a doctor, he was at the Olympics in Munich, he treated the players during the legendary match at Wembley – he is part of the legend of Polish football, which still delights and moves today.


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