Botafogo – Full Access

Režie: AB Ferraz, Flavio Winter
Football (soccer) / Brazil / délka 1:00:00

WATCH THE FULL SERIES – Botafogo is one of the most traditional clubs in Brazilian soccer, where the legendary Mané Garrincha played. After two relegations to the second division, the first in 2002 and the second in 2014, the third drop from the top division of national soccer happened in 2020, which was the most serious of all three, because of the club’s billionaire debt. How would Botafogo get back on its feet in 2021 with so many internal and external financial, political and administrative problems? A new board of directors drew up new plans to try and revive the club. The documentary series, divided into 8 episodes of approximately 35 minutes, shows the behind the scenes of Botafogo’s reconstruction with rare and exclusive footage of intimate moments of the president, the CEO, the director of soccer, and the players in the locker room, in training and in games. Over one thousand hours of recorded content, from meetings of the board of directors, the dismissal of a coach, the invasion of fans, to the results on the field. The day to day life of a great Brazilian club seen in the most real and human way possible. How does the human being behave in situations of pressure, fights, joy, tears, euphoria, sadness, confusion, defeat and victory? At the end of the 2021 season, Botafogo was the champion of the second division and guaranteed its return to the elite of Brazilian soccer in 2022. A highlight on the third episode shows the backstage of the pressure that led to the dismissal of the team’s coach. That was the turning point in the club’s history in 2021.


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