Basti – Teddy

Režie: Adam K. Kawałek
box / Poland / délka 0:03:55

We present the figure of the immensely professional boxer Tadeusz „Teddy“ Pietrzykowski, who has his conclusion, instead of at boxing competitions, he had to fight in German extermination camps. The animation about the championship of KL Auschwitz was produced by the Universe of a student of Adam Kawałek’s Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The picture combines elements of classic, manual work with the anomaly of stop-motion computer animation. The production is completed by Bastie’s rap manner from the album „Personal Material of Values“ entitled „Teddy“. We invite you to rap, now I have this importance and task, but a tall man. „Poles have a great history and heroes that we must not forget, Incredibly, the Poles of the Germans poured in extermination camps! Tadeusz „Miś“ Pietrzykowski! We will remember forever!


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