Režie: Bai Li
basketball / China / délka 0:15:39

Short Synopsis In the winter in the northwest, Xiaodong, who likes football, was placed in the county youth basketball training team. Because of his personality, he tried to quit the basketball team. Long Synopsis In a small town in the northwest, Xiaodong, who likes to play football, was sent to the basketball training team of his father’s students by the basketball coach. His father was seriously ill. He hoped that Xiaodong could train basketball well. He is withdrawn, does not like basketball, and has a delicate relationship with his parents. He is the isolated one on the basketball team. He tried his best to leave the basketball team. As the training team slowly came to an end, and his father’s condition worsened, Xiaodong also thought of one. The method of no longer training, after a heavy snowfall, Xiaodong started his plan, followed by the news of his father’s death, the snow is still falling, how should Xiaodong choose.


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